Dillo Hills 2

How fast can you fly? There's only one way to find out!

Race across new terrain, unlock awesome racers, collect hundreds of accessories, and conquer your foes with powerups and items!

Join the fun and race against friends and players from all over the world
in this free multiplayer racing game!


Game Features

  • 8 player online racing
  • Cross-platform races
  • Global leaderboards
  • Offline practice mode

Unlockable Racers

As you play, you'll unlock new characters that each start with different strengths and weaknesses. As you race with each character, you'll be able to improve their abilities and unlock accessories to make them your very own!


The lovable armadillo who started it all.

'Dillo starts with well-balanced stats all around, a solid choice for new players and veterans alike.


Don't believe the calm demeanor - Slip is a rascal.

Slip's starting stats are balanced, focusing on dropping and sliding quickly, then gliding for a few moments to help line up the next landing.


A cheeky competitor, there's nothing Chip loves more than stomping birds.

Chip's starting stats are balanced, with an emphasis on jumping to quickly recover from mistakes and racking up crystals and items to help win the race.


Slow and steady might win some races, but this ain't that kinda turtle.

Brick's starting stats are well-balanced, focusing on core mechanics like dropping and sliding instead of fancy gimmicks like items, crystals, and gliding.


Einstein really isn't that smart, it's just a sweet name.

Einstein's starting stats are focused on jumping, gliding, and collecting items to make up for slower air speed and sluggish controls.


Grokk has surprisingly good depth perception for a monocular.

Grokk's starting stats are all about wreaking havoc with items and maximizing the speed boost you get from picking up crystals.

Ku Gii

We have no idea what Ku Gii is. A jellyfish? An alien? Probably both.

Ku Gii's starting stats are very floaty and light, focusing on gliding, jumping, and crystal boosts.


Eggnog is special. We love Eggnog.

Eggnog's starting stats are well-balanced, focusing on quick ground speed, good jump speed, and a decent glide.


LOD-515 is probably a little bit evil, but you never can tell with robots.

LOD-515's starting stats focus on raw speed, in the air and on the ground, sacrificing some control and gliding power.


A flying panda who knows enough science to make a jetpack. Awesome.

Higgs' starting stats are all about airspeed and gliding, with a fairly weak jump and slow speed on the ground.


Sushi doesn't like the name Sushi. Sushi thinks it's offensive. We think it's hilarious.

Sushi's stats are fairly well balanced, with above-average item and crystal stats and slightly below-average speed stats.


Grills fighter. Grills win, Grills happy. Grills lose, Grills angry. Grills cartwheel.

Grills' starting stats focus on ground speed, jumping and items.


Do not call Junior cute. Junior does not like to be called cute.

Junior's starting stats are balanced around the core mechanics: dropping and sliding quickly.


Is Idol a manatee? A toothless walrus? An overweight seal? These are the questions we must all ask ourselves.

Idol's starting stats focus on control: dropping quickly and gliding.


No, Gummy is not related to any fish. Stop asking, it's weird and a little racist.

Gummy's starting stats focus on items and crystals, at the expense of speed on the ground and in the air.


A surfing shark. Duh.

Toof's starting stats focus on speed in the air and on the ground, with a slow jump and less emphasis on items and crystals.



Miles starts out with very lightweight stats, focusing on crystal boosts, items, and a quick jump.


We can't understand a word Huevo says, either. Just smile and nod.

Heuvo starts out with a great jump and good ground speed, but weak airspeed and very slow controls.


Zeus is a monster. A big, cuddly, snuggly monster.

Zeus starts out with sluggish controls, but gets a huge speed boost and lots of items from crystals.


A whale in a boat. Honestly, how else is a whale supposed to fly?

Nemo's starting stats focus on control and airspeed, sacrificing ground speed and jumping.

New Worlds, New Hazards

New worlds and exotic landscapes are your playground, and each one offers a unique experience with its own strategies, mechanics, and hazards.

Emerald Hills

This level is all about pure, raw skill. The entire course is downhill, which means lots of airtime and very high flight speeds, but its slopes are small, which means you have to be very careful to line up your landings and avoid crashing. If you're looking for a place to master your timing, Emerald Hills is the place to go.

Fungus Fen

Fungus Fen features short land segments separated by deep diving pools. Bouncy mushrooms are scattered all over the level, giving you a quick boost, a safe landing, or a change of rhythm any time you need one. As you race, you'll need to decide whether it's better to hit the dolphin-diving zones for maximum speed, or aim for the short stretches of land to pick up crystals for a speed boost and items.

Dustweed Flats

The long stretches of flat land make Dustweed Flats a difficult level for standard play, but the plateaus are littered with bouncy tumbleweeds and lots of crystals, giving you plenty of opportunities to stretch each jump out a little longer while you look for a suitable ramp to land on. If you find yourself in a bad spot, use your jump to get going again: it could be a long walk to the next suitable ramp.

Cracklewood Forest

The flat-topped hills on Cracklewood Forest make bad landings a little more punishing, but the deep ramps can give you a ton of speed if you time your landings right. A handful of bouncy mushrooms are spread out throughout the level, offering you the opportunity to change your pace or salvage a bad landing, but they can also get in the way of a good ramp landing if you've got a combo going already. Aim wisely!

Aurora Glacier

Hope you know how to swim! Aurora Glacier features massive stretches of water separated by large, swooping hills. Focus on big, deep dives, but don't stay underwater so long that you start to slow down. Keep your momentum up by letting go as soon as you reach the bottom of your dive so you can rocket back to the surface of the water. Be careful on the way up - the water is littered with jagged icebergs!

High Tide Cove

A balanced blend of land, sea, and air, High Tide Cove features island segments dotted with short tide pools. You can usually get one or two strong dives in during each water segment, but plan ahead for the return to land: some of the islands' hills are awkward if you come in without a lot of altitude. Use each land segment to capitalize on crystal boosts and items.

Meteor Moon

Unlike the other levels, there are no crystals on the surface of Meteor Moon. Instead, you'll need to smash through crystal meteors while flying through the air to pick up items and get crystal speed boosts. The moon's hills are very large and smooth, so take advantage of all the airtime and try to snag as many meteors as you can!

Stonefeather Peaks

The jagged hills of Stonefeather Peaks are unforgiving, but the course is packed to the brim with bouncy birds. You get a small speed boost and some extra airtime every time you stomp on a bird, but you'll want to return to land every now and then to grab some crystals and maintain your speed. Avoid the temptation to glide in order to catch up to a flock of birds: it may be faster to hit a slope and smash through the birds on the way up.

Rainbow 'Roid

A classic level featuring bright, rolling hills and a handful of birds to stomp on. A great place for new players to practice!

Crumbling Ruins

A great competitive map with predictable, jagged hills. In addition to a handful of crystals on the ground, there are also some crystal meteors flying through the air on Crumbling Ruins. Smash through them for a burst of crystal boost speed and more items, but don't get so focused on chasing down meteors that you mess up your next landing!

  • Crystals

    Picking up crystals gives you a boost of speed, and after you collect enough of them, you get an item!

  • Crystal Meteor

    These giant chunks of crystal float through the air. Crash through them for a speed boost and items, just like crystals on the ground!

  • Diving Zones

    Several levels feature long stretches of water where you must swim like a dolphin to build up speed!

  • Iceberg

    Jagged chunks of ice that can be found in some water zones. Smacking into them will slow you down, so swim carefully!

  • Rockberg

    An iceberg made out of rocks, of course. What were you expecting?

  • Mushroom

    A bouncy mushroom that grows on the ground or on lily pads floating in water. Land on it for a quick bounce and a boost of speed!

  • Tumbleweed

    A bouncy tumbleweed that skids along on the ground. Use them to stay airborne when there isn't a good place to land nearby!

  • Birds

    Birds fly through the air, just waiting to be bounced on! Stomping birds gives you a small speed boost and helps you stay airborne!

Powerups and Items

As you pick up crystals, you'll get items that you can use to gain an edge in the race! Some of the items will help carry you forward, while others will hunt down other racers and try to slow them down.

Rocket Cart

This ain't your momma's firecracker. Light the fuse and let it go, and it'll skip along the ground until it catches another racer, then explode!

Frost Mine

Freeze! Haha, puns! Drop one of these bad boys on the ground, and when another racer runs into it, they'll be frozen solid!


These gigantic fruits are full of sticky goo. Drop it on the ground and wait for an enemy to run over it: it'll stop them in their tracks!


Ride the lightning! This pulls you safely towards the ground, then zaps you forward at super speed, ignoring hazards you hit along the way!

Storm Bottle

Know what's better than flying? Being tossed through the air by a raging cyclone, ripping past other racers in a vortex of wind and thunder!

Cloud Canister

Pull the pin and hold on tight - this little can packs a big punch! A blast of compressed clouds will rocket you through the air with a burst of speed!

Spring Bubbles

Always use protection! These will save you from all sorts of trouble. Whether it's an enemy item or a bad landing, you'll bounce right back!


The only thing better than bombs are flying bombs. Launch one of these, and it'll fly forward, exploding when it catches another racer!


The best thing since pocket sand! Launches a blinding meteor which tears through the level, hunting down the player in first. The sheer force of the launch also boosts you forward for a few seconds.

Collectables and Challenges

As you play the game, you'll get booster packs for completing and winning races, and you can buy more with the crystals you pick up along the way. Booster packs contain random cards, which give you rewards like XP for your racer, new playable characters, and accessories that your characters can wear to boost their stats and look awesome.

The game also features challenges that you can complete for rewards, ranging from the obvious (winning a bunch of races) to the absurd (winning a race without ever letting go of the down arrow). Each challenge you complete unlocks a unique accessory that you can't get any other way - so show them off!

About Us

Hey there! We made this game in our spare time, and we really hope you like it!

  • Justin Smith

    Programming, art, audio

    Justin is a programmer and game dev from Indianapolis. Some of his other work includes Mr. Fiskers and the TREBL series.

  • JP Tiangco

    Art, animation

    JP is an artist and game dev from Quezon City. Some of his other work includes Mr. Fiskers, Brawler Bear Arena, and a whole bunch of other games you can play on EvilSpaceChicken!

  • Jason Koohi

    Voiceovers, audio

    Jason is a musician and game dev from Dallas. You can check out some of his other work on Zanrai.com!

  • Chris Hurn


    Chris Hurn is a composer from Auckland. Chris has worked on a lot of other awesome projects, including Dillo Hills 1, and you can hear more of his work on his portfolio!